Friday, December 30, 2016

Wireless Security Basics.

We live in a fascinating time. The amount of resources at our fingertips is astounding, we can search through the annals of time to find out information on a vast number of topics, from how the solar system was formed, to the theoretical dynamics of quarks. But to take that one step further, we can do that without being tethered to a desk, free to roam about our home, or at the local coffee joint, (like Joe Digs) And as much of an amazing technology this is, we still need to take some basic steps to protect ourselves from the would be online predators. Simple things that you can do yourself with some simple Goggle searches, or a simple call to VeteranIT to do a full wireless security assessment, will take you a long way to keeping you and your devices secure.

#1 The first step you should take is to change the default settings on your home router. Each device comes with a generic log in, such as

Login: Admin
Password: Admin

Now this is a pragmatic approach for the manufacturer, and aids in troubleshooting out of the box, however, these passwords are easily accessible to anyone. (Check out the link for yourself.)
This is an easy step and will help thwart any would be hackers from accessing your system.

#2 The next thing would be to change your Service Set Identifier, or SSID. This is the name of your wireless network  connection. And the cool thing is you can change the name to anything you would like....I've used "Death Star Station" before! Be creative.

#3  Turn on wireless encryption. All devices will come with some sort of encryption. This will allow all that data being transmitted to be scrambled and keep others from viewing your info. You will want to pick the best encryption available, and with several available like WPA and WPA2, there is no reason not to secure your traffic.

These are just a few tips, but as I stated, a simple google search will show you how to accomplish some of these basic steps for those technologically inclined. And as with any of your tech issues, Veteran IT is here to help you get secure and squared away!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Lead Tech,

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