Friday, January 6, 2017

Background checks

I was recently asked to undergo a background check. With my Military Police background, and just having passed the US Border Patrols background check a few years ago, I was more than confident that this was nothing more than routine, but it got me thinking that some people may suffer some anxiety about having to do this, so I reached out to my friend, Casey Donaldson, over at Accurate Investigations LLC in Edgewater to see if she could give some advice for people about to go through this process. Here is what she had to say:

"Most background checks are required for pre-employment screenings.
Criminal and civil records are checked, it's better to be honest from the very beginning if you've had any legal problems.

Social media...... if you put pictures of yourself doing drugs, drunk or half naked up on the internet, the entire world is watching; including your new employer.

If you are being investigated for a security clearance..... do not lie about anything. Depending on the reasons for the background check, interviews with current and past employers, family members, friends and past/present associates will be conducted...."

Depending on the purpose of the background check, this could take a couple of days or up to a year for some security clearance positions. Having been through this process several times myself I can attest to being honest about everything. The more forthcoming you are with the investigator the quicker the process moves along.

Casey also added to our conversation:

" Most employers require drug testing, which is done in a lab and reported back to their employer directly. Drugs stay in your system for a very long time. If you are taking prescription meds that could come up in your lab tests, let your prospective employer know because they'll find out anyway."

Again, this goes with being honest and forthcoming. Past discretions will not necessarily preclude you from the prospective position or business opportunity, however, not disclosing information most assuredly will.  

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