Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Computer Safety Basics - 3 Basics

We live in a world where constant computer breaches inundate us on a seemingly weekly basis. And these breaches aren't about some small intrusion. Think about the attacks on Target or Sony, or more recently the Yahoo Breach affecting some 1 billion users. That has to cause some concern to you, I know it does me.

Therefore I have compiled some basic safety protocols that every computer user should follow. These tips are simple enough for everyone to follow, and they don't take much time.

#1 Install Updates:
                 Your computer, tablets, phones are all complicated devices that are constantly being updated by their respective companies. They regularly release updates to not only enhance the security, but also the usability of your device. This only takes a few minutes, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to install these updates.

#2 Backup your Data:
                  We have all heard the horror stories of Ransomeware, or a hard drive crash where years of pictures, or work is gone. Setting up a simple back up can minimize these frustrating events.

#3 Do Not Open Attachments from unknown sources:
                  That email that claims you have just won the lottery, or the promise of a job offer. Just click on the attachment and all your worries will disappear? Sound to good to be true? Chances are it is, and the attachment you just clicked has installed a virus or malware on your system. Don't do it!!!Edit

These are just 3 simple ways to protect yourself. Even for the novice all it takes is some googling to understand these processes. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself!

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